Papercast, the e-ink bus stop passenger information solution provider, will be attending this year’s Real-Time Passenger Information 2016 Conference held at 155 Bishopsgate in London on 23 November.


The event brings together Local Authorities, Passenger Transport Executives, Transport Operators, RTPI consultants and systems suppliers to discuss and debate the current revolutions and best practice in Real-Time Passenger Information implementation.


Papercast’s next generation bus stop passenger information solution uses self-sustainable standalone solar powered e-ink displays, with a comprehensive content management system developed specifically for public transport needs. The platform enables transport providers to keep passengers informed of real-time and advance service information in a clear and user friendly format.

Robert Bicket and Peter Caplan, who recently teamed up with Papercast specifically to serve markets in the UK and Europe based from their new office in London, will attend the event.

“Keeping passengers fully informed about services continues to remain at the forefront of improving passenger confidence,” says Robert Bicket, Director at Papercast. “Innovation is imperative to meet the continually evolving needs of passengers and Papercast’s e-ink display solution enables transport providers to effortlessly and cost-effectively keep passengers fully informed of service information around the clock”.

Papercast was launched to the market in March 2016 after being field tested for over a year. It is designed, developed, engineered and produced by the Papercast group, a global provider of public transport solutions deployed across four continents.

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