Innovation in transport is at risk because data is not being shared in the sector and overcoming barriers could unlock £14bn of benefits from new innovations by 2025 – according to a new report commissioned by the Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) and using analysis from the Open Data Institute (ODI) and Deloitte

At Papercast, we believe that customers should be able to access both static and live travel information in as many places as possible – in their home, on their mobile device, at bus stations, bus stops, on the bus and so on.

"Not only does open data bring tremendous benefits to passengers by enabling better and faster journeys,” comments Robert Bicket, CEO at Papercast. “But also to the transit agency who can significantly improve service performance by capitalising on a capability that is exists, but isn’t being fully utilised”.

 Download the full report here

Sharing data in the transport sector and combining it with data from other sectors, is key to delivering the Transport System Catapult’s mission of enabling new and innovative mobility solutions to be developed in the UK. The TSC is calling on government to work closely not only with the Catapult, but industry to develop a data culture by providing a framework for secure access to data and guidelines for opening and sharing data.


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